for orchestra

Written for her Orchestration Large course as part of her degree, Erdfarben, meaning ‘Earthly Colours’ is an exploration of primordial earth forces. It uses percussive sounds as the driving force behind the dark and rhythmic nature of our early, uncivilised planet. The piece was inspired by Greek Mythology, in which the first primordial deities were born from Chaos, a primeval void, and the first thing that existed.

             ‘..first Chaos came to be, but next.. Earth’ - Hesiod.

Conducted by Gregory Rose.

SINNSEAR; three songs about love (2018)

for a capella choir

Each song in this three movement choral work is dedicated to Ericas family members. The first movement, a setting of E E Cummings my love is building a building around you, to her maternal grandparents. The second movement, a setting of Robert Burns' O' were my love yon lilac fair, to her paternal grandparents. And the third, a setting of Rūmī's Those who don't feel this love, to her parents.


for chamber ensemble, soprano, mezzo soprano and contralto

Inspired by Walt Whitman's poetry, this short work makes use of the voice as an instrumental feature, as apposed to the expected soloistic character.

Performed at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 30th November 2017.

Conducted by Eric Dudley.

Soprano; Naomi Columna

Mezzo soprano; Sarah Nadreau

Contralto; Breanna Miller

Full listing

Domine Jesu Christe, for SSAATTB a capella choir (2014)

Swarm, for string quartet (2015)

Descensus ad noctem, for orchestra (2015)

Mosquito Nets, for chamber ensemble (2015)

Steuern, for string quartet (2015)

Journey to Death, for baritone and string quartet (2016)

Erdfarben, for orchestra (2016)

Primitiua, for wind orchestra (2016)

Resurgence, for SSAATB a capella choir (2016)

Caelum, for clarinet and piano (2017)

Leaves of Grass, for chamber ensemble with soprano, mezzo soprano and contralto (2017)

Sinnsear; three songs about love, for a capella choir (2018)

Spiral Slipstream; for symphony orchestra (2018)